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Kira Compton


I'm not yet successful enough to have anything fun here, so enjoy some personal anecdotes on your way to my publications and events


Just like my cover photo, this headshot was taken by the amazing Ayotola Tehingbola (who, aside from being a wonderful photographer, is a brilliant writer! See more at


Much of my writing is concerned with the environment. Here's proof that I once worked with the forest service and cannot take a serious photo (I was yelled at seconds after this was taken). 


My cat, Lily, who is my number one fan and my number one distraction. She loves to cuddle and sit in front of my screen so I can't write/play video games.




Kira Compton is bad at writing bios, as well as several more important things. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Fiction at Boise State. There, she was the first place recipient of the 2023 and 2024 Glenn Balch Awards. Starting in Fall 2024, she will be the Associate Editor of The Idaho Review. Her success in the classroom led to her being the first to receive the Educational Assistant Position, which trains incoming graduate students to run their own creative writing classrooms. 

She is a teaching writer at the Cabin, Boise's local writing organization. There, she has taught generative horror workshops.

Compton is also a proud member of the Hemingway Society, where she is a Hinkle Scholar and will present at the Hemingway Conference in San Sebastián this summer. She plans to avoid bringing up Ernest Hemingway for the entirety of her half-hour presentation about Martha Gellhorn. 

Outside of her professional life, she loves playing DnD, chess, and obscure narrative video games. You can stalk her personal life on Instagram @kirajcompton. 



By "Select", I mean there was poetry at one point. Don't worry. I won't subject you to it. 


"If You Stay Too Long It Will Kill You" - The Saranac Review, May 2024

"Witch Sister" - hex literary, June 2024

"(the sound of children screaming has been removed)" - Aquifer: The Florida Review, September 2024 (upcoming)


"At the Bar" - Into the Void, 2020

   -nominated for a Best of the Net


An Interview with Morgan Talty - The Idaho Review, 2024

An Interview with Gina Chung - The Idaho Review, 2024

An Interview with Elizabeth Gonzalez James - The Idaho Review, 2024

An Interview with Dana Winsmith - The Idaho Review, 2023

Theater and Film

"Mitch McConnell is Dead!" (One Act)

-2020, Virtual production, raised over $1600 for the Fair Fight Initiative 

"The Phone Play" (One Act)

-2018, produced by the Hudson One Act Festival

Upcoming Events

News and Events


If you have my email, use it! If you don't, find me on Instagram, or scream into your pillow. I'll do my best to answer, either way. 

Shocking you read this far. Thank you <3

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